Building Publications

The VBA publishes a range of resources to inform practitioners and the community about relevant building and plumbing related legislation and standards for general guidance in respect to building or plumbing practice. These resources are owned by the VBA and may include content licensed to the VBA by third parties.

The information set out in the VBA’s resources is for general information purposes and guidance only. It is a reader’s responsibility to obtain independent advice in respect of the application of legislation, a technical instruction or industry standard relevant to their circumstances. A person’s use of the VBA’s resources is not a substitute for obtaining independent advice.

While we have made every attempt to ensure our resources contain correct information at the date of publication, the VBA makes no warranty or representation that its resources are error free. The VBA will not be liable for any loss or damage a person may suffer arising out of or in connection with the access and use of the VBA’s resources.

For technical information relating to a specific category of work, please refer to the Building Practice Notes.

Publication Documents

Guide to Standards and Tolerances (under review)

The Guide to standards and Tolerances (the Guide) has been developed for use by builders and building owners as a convenient reference for acceptable standards of workmanship in domestic building construction. it is intended to address areas that are not prescribed under legislation or under a domestic building contract.


Review: Egress for People with Disabilities in High-Rise Office Buildings

The objective of this review is to introduce into the Building Code of Australia (BCA), measures which can be relied upon to meet the requirements of people with disabilities and to achieve compliance with the DDA.

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Council and Practitioner Guide: Swimming Pool Requirements

This guide is for municipal councils and practitioners to clarify their responsibilities under the building legislation in relation to swimming pool safety. It is not a substitute for the relevant legislation.

Amendments to the Building Act 1993 which commenced on 1 December 2019 have introduced requirements for councils to establish and maintain a register of swimming pools in their municipality and be the gatekeeper for compliance of safety barriers. The Building Regulations 2018 now include Part 9A which consolidates swimming pool safety requirements.

Last updated January 2021

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Protection Work: Approved Statement

The purpose of this statement is to provide adjoining property owners with information about  the operation of the protection work process under the Building Act 1993 (the Act) and the Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations); and the procedure for the resolution of disputes relating to protection work.

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