Swimming pools and spas

From 2000 to November 2019, 27 young children fatally drowned in Victorian private swimming pools and spas. In at least 20 of those cases, the non-compliance of the safety barrier was a contributing factor.

We encourage the active supervision of young children in and around swimming pools and spas at all times.

In Victoria, the construction and installation of swimming pools, spas and safety barriers and barrier maintenance are all subject to the requirements of the Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations).

Swimming pool and spa owners have a legal obligation to ensure that they maintain the effective operation of swimming pool and spa safety barriers. Gates and doors must remain closed, except when entering the pool or spa.

The information provided in these pages will help property owners understand their obligations regarding swimming pools, spas and safety barriers. It covers registration, inspection and certification requirements. These pages will also help tenants and property agents understand who is responsible for pool and spa safety.

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For more information on keeping children safe around pools and spas, visit Life Saving Victoria and Kidsafe Victoria.