Automatic Mutual Recognition

What is Automatic Mutual Recognition?

Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) is a national scheme allowing individuals to use their home state or territory occupational registration or licence to work in other participating Australian states and territories.

It allows individuals who hold registration or licences in an Australian state or territory to perform those same permitted activities in another part of Australia, subject to some exceptions. This is known as automatic deemed registration (ADR).

Building and plumbing practitioners who wish to operate in Victoria under ADR must complete the required Automatic Deemed Notification form and supply it to the VBA prior to commencing any work in Victoria.

Which practitioners are eligible?

Individual building practitioners (except building surveyors and building inspectors) were entitled to participate in AMR in Victoria from 1 January 2022.

AMR commenced for the following practitioners on 1 July 2022:

  • All classes of building inspector
  • All classes of registered plumber, except for registered plumbers in the Gasfitting, Fire protection, Mechanical Services, Roofing (Stormwater), Type A Appliance Conversion, Type A appliance Servicing, Type B Gasfitting and Type B Gasfitting Advanced classes.

The following registrations under AMR are to be exempt until 1 July 2024:

  • All classes of building surveyor
  • All classes of licensed plumber
  • Plumbers registered in the following classes (including restricted)
    • Gasfitting
    • Fire Protection
    • Mechanical Services
    • Roofing (Stormwater)
    • Type A Appliance Conversion
    • Type A Appliance Servicing
    • Type B Gasfitting
    • Type B Gasfitting Advanced

The scheme is only available to practitioners whose principal place of residence or work is in a participating state or territory:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia.

What activities can be undertaken in Victoria under AMR?

A person who has ADR is entitled to carry on an activity in the second state or territory to the same extent that the person is authorised to carry on the activity in their home state or territory. This is the case even if the occupation in Victoria allows licensed or registered workers to perform a wider range of activities.

Can I engage an interstate practitioner?

Yes, you are able to engage a building practitioner to do work in Victoria, provided that:

  • They have notified the VBA that they are participating in the AMR scheme and have supplied the VBA with evidence that they hold the correct insurance for work in Victoria.
  • The work they propose to do for you is an activity that their ‘home state or territory’ registration or licence permits.

Before you engage a practitioner on AMR, you are strongly advised to do the following:

  • Check that the practitioner is listed on the VBA’s online public register (DOCX, 182.86 KB) of practitioners holding AMR in Victoria.
  • Check that the work they will do for you is permitted under their home state or territory registration.
  • Ask them to confirm or show you evidence of their insurance in Victoria.
  • Ask them to confirm that they understand the building regulations and standards applicable in Victoria for that type of work.

AMR practitioners who operate in Victoria are subject to the relevant Victorian laws.

They are also subject to the exercise of disciplinary powers by the VBA and may be investigated by the VBA.