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Submitting an owner-builder application

VBA360 is a fast and simple way for owner-builders to submit, manage and track applications online.

VBA360 enables real-time processing and 24/7 managing and tracking of your owner-builder application.

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  • Complaints about the VBA should be emailed, not lodged through the portal.
  • Complaints from government agencies, including councils, should be emailed, not lodged through the portal. Please attention your email to the Manager of Complaints and Scheduling Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The VBA have moved the owner builder application form online.

This means you no longer need to print and mail the application – saving you time and money.

Applying online also means you can track your progress in real-time – you can immediately see that your application has been received by the VBA and track your application through its assessment stages.

The Owner-Builder form is only available online, accessed via VBA360.

By submitting your application online, we receive it as soon as it is submitted, in real-time. VBA360 also allows you to track the progress of your applications from your VBA360 account.

We understand that some people may not wish to enter their credit card details online. We suggest organising a bank debit card, via Australia Post or your bank. This card can then be topped up as required to use for your VBA360 account.

To protect your details, we use a Westpac payment gateway to process all credit card payments, a secure banking platform which supports all purchases made through VBA360.

The online form only lists the projects which are acceptable for an Owner-Builder to undertake.

The project you wish to build must fit into one the acceptable categories listed below:

  • the construction of single residential dwellings
  • alterations renovations and additions to single dwellings
  • swimming pools and outdoor spas
  • retaining walls
  • fences
  • masts
  • pergolas
  • al fresco
  • sheds
  • garages and carports

An owner-builder cannot perform:

  • demolition work
  • subfloor work
  • work on a relocated home or re-erection of a home as this would also require subfloor work.

A change to the internal and/or external appearance, the function, or the capacity of a dwelling or a decrease in building size.

Building project involving extensive building work, change of appearance and the like within the footprint of the existing dwelling

An addition to a dwelling to enlarge its floor area.

An Owner-Builder project must relate to the carrying out of domestic building work in relation to, or ancillary to, a single dwelling.

This means a home must already exist on the property - or being built as part of the same project - for you to be able to build a shed as an owner builder.

Therefore, a shed on vacant land is not an acceptable owner builder project.

If the structure being built is a home with a kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc then it may be considered a dwelling.

To work out whether your project qualifies as the construction of a dwelling, we suggest that you contact a building surveyor.

If you intend to spend time occupying both the holiday home and your principal place of residence, you do not need to specify whether the building is a holiday home.

The Owner-Builder list of acceptable projects are based on the classifications for building projects contained in the National Construction Code.

A 'Holiday home' does not need to have its own separate category, as the construction type would simply be "single dwelling".

Once you submit and pay for your application online, VBA360 allows you to check your application progress by logging into your account and checking the status. Your application is received and submitted to the VBA when payment is successful.

The different stages for processing your application include:

Your application has been received, and is waiting to be assessed.

Your application is being assessed and considered by an owner builder assessment officer.

The owner builder assessment officer has finished assessing your application, and has made their recommendation to their manager.

Your application is with the Owner Builder manager and is awaiting their final review. This is the last stage of the application process and means you will have a response soon.

While your application is being assessed, you will be issued with a temporary number as your reference – in case you need to contact the VBA or need to send through further information.

Once a decision has been made, your application will be allocated an official Owner-Builder number.

An application should take approximately 45 calendar days to progress through the assessment, recommendation and decision stages of the application process.

If the application requires you to provide further information, the processing time may be extended. If further information is requested, it is important for you to provide the required information promptly (i.e. within 10 days), otherwise your application may be rejected.

If we require clarification or further information from you to assess your application, a request email will be issued.

The email will specify what information is required from you to progress your application, along with the date that the information is due.

Information must be provided via your VBA360 account.

Please visit a local library or internet café to upload your document.

It might be that the scanned copy of a document provided by you was blank or distorted. If the image was a phone image, it might have been too hard to read.

To avoid this situation, it is important you make sure the document has scanned correctly, by checking that the scanned image is clear and that we will be able to read all the content and clearly see any diagrams.

If you are sending an image of a letter by photo, you must be sure that all the details are clear.

Uploading information directly into your VBA360 accounts means we will receive it immediately.

This additional information will be considered along with the other information provided by you in the assessment of your application. You can check the progress of your application via your VBA360 account.

If you applied for your Certificate of Consent online, you would have received your consent via email, and can re-print it.

If you can't find this email, or if your application was completed before 31st of July 2017, please contact us on 1300 815 127 and we will email a copy of your Certificate of Consent to you.

The VBA does not retain any credit card or payment details.

You will therefore need to contact your bank or financial institution to find out why your payment hasn't gone through.

Please ensure you are entering your certificate of completion number correctly. Be especially careful of zeros and the letter "O".

If you completed your Certificate of Completion more than 12 months ago, you will need to undertake the Owner-Builder eLearning assessment again.

Ensure you have entered your date of birth (DOB) correctly in both your VBA360 account and on your Certificate of Completion. If your DOB is incorrect in your VBA360 account, you will need to log in to update your details. However, if you DOB is incorrect on your Certificate of Completion, please contact the VBA on 1300 815 127.