eLearning assessment

If you are the main applicant for an owner-builder certificate of consent, you will need to successfully complete the eLearning assessment. The assessment ensures you have a good understanding of the duties and obligations of being an owner-builder. All the information you need to correctly answer the questions in the assessment is covered in the Owner-Builder Study Guide (PDF, 2156.97 KB).

To begin your owner-builder eLearning you need to create an eLearning account. (Please note that the email address and date of birth you use for your eLearning account will need to match the VBA360 account you create later to complete your application.)

VBA owner-builder eLearning assessment

When you have successfully completed the eLearning assessment, a unique Certificate of Completion Code will be generated. You will need this code to complete the owner builder certificate of consent application form, so keep it handy. You will also be notified if you need to complete construction induction training.

Important to note: The eLearning platform is not supported on mobile devices.  Please complete this assessment using a desktop computer or laptop.