Insurance requirements

As a registered building surveyor, you must have professional indemnity insurance. This applies for registration as a:

  • Building Surveyor (Unlimited)
  • Building Surveyor (Limited).

The VBA requires evidence that you have insurance or are eligible to purchase insurance (in some cases) before it can grant your application for registration or renew your registration. A company registered as a building surveyor must hold the required insurance in the company’s name.

If the VBA learns that you are no longer covered by the required insurance, we must suspend your registration.

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance covers you against legal liability resulting from any claim made during the period of insurance.

If you are seeking registration renewal, you need to show evidence of your professional indemnity insurance before the VBA can grant your application. You must ensure you have insurance cover until at least the date of the anniversary of your registration.

To learn more about the insurance policy that you need, refer to the Building Practitioners' Insurance Ministerial Order (updated January 2020).

When do I need to provide proof of my insurance?

Before the VBA can grant your application for registration as a building practitioner, you must provide proof that you are covered by the required insurance.

If you cannot provide the proof on time, you will need to explain why in writing, by letter or email. We may allow more time for you to provide the proof if you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to obtain the insurance.

If we do not receive the proof on time, we may recommend that your application for registration is refused.

To minimise the delay in the finalisation of your application, we recommend that you get in touch with an insurer at an early stage to learn about the process for applying for insurance.