Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors

The VBA has released its first Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors, which will improve safety and oversight in the building industry and help keep Victorians safe.

All registered building surveyors in Victoria will be required to comply with the code from 1 January 2021.

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The code has been developed in response to industry demands and was a key recommendation from the Building Confidence report by Professor Peter Shergold AC and Ms Bronwyn Weir.

The code clearly sets out examples of inappropriate conduct and establishes eight key areas of professional conduct that building surveyors in Victoria must follow. It makes it clear that building surveyors must act within the public interest, comply with the law, act with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest, including involving themselves in the design process with builders.

Education and training

We are delivering an education and training program to support the implementation of the new Code.

We encourage building surveyors to participate in these events to better understand their obligations and ensure compliance with the code.

Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors panel discussion webinar

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the Code of Conduct of Building Surveyors and what that will mean for the construction industry.

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Discussing complaints and conflict handling for building surveyors

Expert Chris Wheeler joins us to discuss complaints and conflict handling and what it means to act in the public interest, and how it relates to the Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors.

Enforcement of the code

The code will provide a reference against which we will be able to audit building surveying work, and carry out education and disciplinary action where deemed necessary.

Consultation and feedback

In March 2020, we invited building surveyors, the building industry and consumers to provide feedback on a draft of the code. All feedback was carefully considered, with changes made to improve the clarity of the principles, rules and examples in the code.

The new code of conduct is intended to be consistent with the proposed Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors, and further review will occur once the ABCB code is finalised. Consultation has occurred with ABCB to align the Victorian code with the Shergold–Weir Building Confidence recommendations and ABCB’s proposed code.