Crane and people on site

Prescribed temporary structures

Some temporary structures require an occupancy permit from the VBA before they can be used for public entertainment.

These structures include:

  • tents, marquees or booths with a floor area greater than 100m²
  • seating stands for more than 20 people
  • stages or platforms (including sky boarders and stage wings) exceeding 150m² in floor area
  • prefabricated buildings exceeding 100m² other than ones placed directly on the ground surface.

Public entertainment:

  • includes events which can be accessed by the general public, with or without tickets
  • does not include private or invite only events
  • does not include use for other purposes such as retail, dining, office space etc.

Note: prescribed temporary structures must not be attached to, erected on or within another permanent building.

Applying for an occupancy permit

Occupancy permits for VBA-OPs will not be issued or assessed between 22 December 2024 and 2 January 2025.

On 1 February 2020, the application process for occupancy permits for temporary structures changed. The new application forms can be found on this page. The new process better defines the requirements for applicants and is designed to improve processing times.

An occupancy permit can now be issued for a specific event or for state-wide use for a maximum of 5 years. Previously, the VBA issued state-wide occupancy permits for a maximum of 3 years; however, this has been increased for the convenience of applicants.

An application must use engineering principles to demonstrate that the structure does not pose a hazard to occupants or structures and people in the area.

We currently adopt the Australian Building Codes Board's Temporary Structures 2015 Standard to determine compliance.

You are required to submit all required documents via email.

If you have any questions regarding the new process, please contact the VBA via email.

Required documents

The following must be submitted with applications:

Additionally, for complex designs, a peer review and a second Certificate of Compliance from an independent engineer may be required.


The application fee is $364 per structure.

If there is more than one type of structure or structure configuration, the fee must bep aid for each structure. For example:

  • A marquee with 2 different spans (e.g. 10 m and 15 m) would attract a total fee of 2 x $364 = $728.
  • A circus tent and seating stand would attract a total fee of 2 x 364 = $728.
  • A marquee that can be connected to another identical structure to form a larger marquee would attract a fee of $364


All applications must be made at least 30 days prior to the first date on which the structure is to be used.

We may request further information or amended documents after an application is submitted. These will need to be provided within 30 days or the application will be refused. When we have received all the required information, we will usually make a decision within 5 days.