National police check

As part of your application for registration (individual or company), the VBA requires you to undertake a national police check. This is done through the online provider fit2work.

A link in the application form will take you to the fit2work portal to complete your police check.

When you complete and submit the police check, you will be provided with a 7-digit reference number. You need to enter this 7-digit reference number in your VBA application form in the ‘Complete your National Police Check via Online Provider’ section.

Please note: If you do not complete your police check and enter this reference number in the VBA application, your application will be returned to you.

Required documents

Find out which identification documents you need to provide as part of your police check.

Police check process for company registrations

All company directors are required to complete a police check for company registration applications. It is important that the nominated email addresses for directors are correct and current.

All company directors will be sent an email to their nominated email address. The email will contain a link so they can access the director's declaration and police check section of the company registration application.

Once the company director's declaration has been completed, the application will then return to the company's application manager for finalisation.

Please ensure that each company director completes their declaration within 20 working days. Otherwise, the full application process will need to start again.