Building Companies

1. Building Companies

A company can only be registered if at least one of its directors holds current registration as a building practitioner in Victoria.

You can register your company in one or more categories or classes of registered practitioner, but a company can only be registered in a particular category or class if at least one of its directors is registered in that category or class.

Once registered, the company will become a building practitioner in its own right. It will have the same responsibilities as an individual building practitioner, along with some additional duties and obligations specific to registered companies. You should read about these duties and obligations before you apply to register your company.

What happens to my individual registration?

You need to keep your individual registration for your company to be, and stay, registered. Your individual registration will not be transferred to a company registration. This means you will need to complete the annual fee and insurance check, and registration renewal, for yourself and your company.

How do I renew my company registration?

To renew your company registration, you must complete an application form and lodge it with the VBA no later than three months before the registration expiry date.

Each director of your company must complete the Director's Declaration and undertake a National Police Check, whether they are a registered building practitioner or not. Please visit the Registration Renewal section to download the application form and learn more about renewal.

Application fee

You need to pay the relevant application fee to lodge your application form with the Victorian Building Authority. The registration application form specifies the fee amount and explains how to pay the fee.