VBA Actions for the week ending 1 November 2019

Building site with open fencing
A summary of VBA prosecutions, show cause notices, notices of decision, permit levy audits, proactive inspections and plumbing activities for the week.

Practitioner Discipline

  • Two Notices of Decision were issued.

Permit Levy Audit

  • Audit site visits: 1

Administrative Appeals Tribunal matters

  • One matter was finalised by judgment: Barnes, Gabriel – AAT 2018/0825.

Building Appeals Board matters

  • One matter was finalised after orders received: 1031 Atlantic Drive, Pakenham – BAB 451818.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal matters

  • One matter was withdrawn after orders received: Fenton, Lachlan – VCAT Z873/2019.

Proactive Inspections

  • 198 inspections across 30 municipalities.

Plumbing Audits

  • Audits: 227
  • Re-audits: 25
  • Inspections: 49

Statewide Cladding Audit

  • 11 inspections were completed – three within the City of Melbourne and eight in other municipalities.
  • Six expert panels were conducted. From these, one building was rated extreme risk, three were rated high risk and two were rated moderate.
  • Four inspections are scheduled for the week commencing Monday, 4 November 2019.