A look ahead: Automatic Mutual Recognition and Trades Registration

The VBA continues to work with the relevant government authorities to help implement two important projects, Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) and Trades Registration, which will help create more opportunities for practitioners and shape the way they work in the future. As the exact timing of these projects remains uncertain, the VBA will keep you regularly updated when we have more information.

Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) is a national scheme allowing certain industries to use their home state occupational registration to work in other, participating Australian states and territories. 

Victoria has signed a national Intergovernmental Agreement and passed legislation to participate in the AMR scheme. 

This means if someone is licensed or registered in one state or territory to perform an activity, they’ll be able to use the same licence or registration to do the same activities in another part of Australia, subject to some exceptions. When changing states, it won’t be necessary to pay any new fees or lodge any applications, but they will have to notify the state or territory regulator.

Automatic Mutual Recognition and Trades Registration
We are working on a January 1, 2022 launch date for AMR and other states and territories are expected to follow later in 2022.

Another considerable project that is an important government commitment is the introduction of Trades Registration. This initiative introduces registration and licensing of carpentry subcontractors and employees. Other trade cohorts will follow in the next five to 10 years, so this is just the beginning of a very significant project. This new scheme aims to reduce non-compliant building work, enhance industry accountability and ensure tradespersons have adequate qualifications, skills and experience.

We will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments with the implementation of AMR and Trades Registration as they come to hand.