VBA Actions for the week ending 9 October 2020

Row of new houses in Wodonga
A summary of VBA prosecutions, show cause notices, notices of decision, permit levy audits, proactive inspections and plumbing activities for the week.

Investigations (Building)

  • Warning letters issued: 2
  • Prosecutions initiated from referrals: 2

Investigations (Plumbing)

  • Warning letters issued: 1

Complaints and Statutory Referrals

One warning letter was issued for each of the following:

  • failing to pass on Protection Work Insurance for a 12-month extension
  • installing altered glazing, which did not meet approved plans for which a planning or building permit was issued, or the terms of contract
  • failing to provide a current defects report within six months of sale
  • failing to call for a mandatory inspection
  • failing to call from a mandatory inspection.

A sixth warning letter was issued to a practitioner for failing to provide an engineering report or Certificate of Compliance to a relevant building surveyor after drainage penetrations under a concrete slab had to be moved. The surveyor had previously made repeated requests for evidence of compliance.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal matters

  • The Tribunal handed down an interim decision in the matter of Valentine v Victorian Building Authority (VCAT 1104).

Practitioner Discipline

  • Show Cause Notices issued: 3
  • Notices of Decision issued: 2

Proactive Inspections

  • 147 inspections across 23 municipalities
  • Building Orders for Minor Work issued: 1

Plumbing Audits

  • Audits: 151
  • Re-audits: 13
  • Inspections: 7