Work with a plumber to fix your loo this World Toilet Day

Plumber checking blocked toilet with endoscope
Victorians who are having trouble with their toilet should hire a professional plumber, the state plumbing regulator warns.

The Victorian Building Authority is reminding homeowners and tenants on World Toilet Day of the dangers of trying to fix your toilet yourself.

The VBA’s Executive Director of Operations, Lynda McAlary-Smith, said when Victorians need to fix their toilet or install a new one, they must use an appropriately registered and licensed plumber.

“DIY plumbing installations pose a significant health risk to the immediate household and adjoining properties,” Ms McAlary-Smith said.

“Sewage can contaminate the drinking water supply through backflow or back-siphonage, causing infections, diarrhoea or other health problems.”

The theme for this year’s United Nations World Toilet Day is sustainable sanitation and climate change.

According to UN Water, untreated human waste gets out into the environment and spreads deadly and chronic diseases.

Sustainable sanitation systems, combined with the facilities and knowledge to practise good hygiene, are a strong defence against coronavirus and other disease outbreaks.

When the pandemic began earlier this year, many Victorians were incorrectly installing DIY bidets (PDF, 273.99 KB), douche sprays and handheld hoses, placing their own health and the health of the community at risk from contaminated drinking water.

"Bidets, douche sprays and handheld hoses can only be installed by a plumber registered or licensed in the class of Water Supply and must be installed with appropriate backflow protection measures to protect the drinking water supply.”

All home-made, self-installed and non-compliant sanitary toileting products are illegal, pose a health risk to the community and should be removed from bathrooms and toilets immediately.

“If you need a new toilet, hire a plumber so you can be sure the job will be done right, because there is a high risk of sewage contaminating the drinking water supply if an installation is non-compliant.”

“All licensed or registered plumbers are issued with a photo ID card that lists the type of plumbing work they are eligible to do. All plumbers should carry this ID, and you can request to see it at any time.”

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