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VBA Plumbing Technical Bulletin – December 2022

The VBA Technical Bulletin - Plumbing includes the latest plumbing news and industry updates from the Victorian Building Authority.
VBA Technical Bulletin - Plumbing

It's great to have the opportunity to communicate with you all again, in what is our third and final edition of the VBA Plumbing Technical Bulletin for 2022.

NCC 2022

Thanks to those that took part in the VBA's NCC 2022 Roadshow. It was a huge success, with strong numbers seen both in person and online across the state. If you missed these sessions or want to learn more, watch a recording of the NCC 2022 Roadshow plumbing webinar.

As part of our commitment to getting industry up-to-speed with all the NCC changes, the VBA is working to update all relevant Practice Notes. We've started by updating the Solar Water Heaters Practice Note and publishing a new Energy Efficiency Practice Note, both of which you can find below. All other Practice Note updates will be completed and shared with practitioners in the new year.

As this is the final Technical Bulletin of the year, I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe new year, and look forward to speaking with you all again in 2023.

Andrew Cialini,
VBA State Building Surveyor

In this edition...

New Energy Efficiency Practice Note

A new Practice Note (PDF, 226.94 KB) has been published that provides guidance on the application of the NCC energy efficiency measures and rainwater tank requirements during the transition from NCC 2019 to the NCC 2022 version.

Updated Solar Water Heaters Practice Note

An updated Practice Note (PDF, 307.12 KB) has been published that provides guidance on applying the solar water heater option to meet Victorian energy efficiency variation to NCC 2019 and associated standards in the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

Changes to state-wide structural fire safety responsibilities

The CFA has delegated and authorised FRV staff to exercise a number of powers of the CFA Chief Officer under the Building Act and Building Regulations within country Victoria. Read more.

New energy efficiency building standards

All new homes built in Victoria need to meet new minimum energy efficiency standards. DELWP has provided guidance on these new standards.