Demolishers completely or partly dismantle buildings and other structures using pre-planned and controlled methods. Their work often combines the structural demolition of load-bearing elements with the stripping of internal fixtures and fittings, services and non-load-bearing elements.

There are three classes of Demolisher in which you can apply to register:

  • Demolisher (Low rise)
  • Demolisher (Medium rise)
  • Demolisher (Unlimited).


Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience to apply for registration as a building practitioner in demolition work? To learn more, read our guide to registration: What is demolition work?.

Start your application

Save and complete the following relevant forms on your computer (do not handwrite; it will take longer to process). The application form includes a checklist on the front page to assist you with the process.

If you are in a partnership

Each partner of the partnership applying for registration must complete a separate Partner’s Declaration (PDF, 321.51 KB).

Experience statements and technical referee reports

You must complete and submit both an Experience statement and a Technical referee report for every category you seek to be registered in.

Demolisher (Low rise)

Demolisher (Medium rise)

Demolisher (Unlimited)