Building Registration

Why you need to register

You must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority in Victoria to:

  • perform domestic building work that costs more than $10,000 (including labour and materials)
  • carry out re-blocking, re-stumping, demolition work or removal of a home, regardless of cost
  • provide more than one type of building work (such as plastering and painting) that costs more than $10,000 (including labour and materials).

There are different requirements for owner-builders. You'll find a kit for owner-builders under the information for consumers.

Company registration

If you are the director of a proprietary limited company and want to use the company’s name to enter into contracts or building permits after 1 July 2018, your company may also need to be registered. This does not apply to sole traders.

To find out if your company needs to be registered, and how to register a company, visit our Company Registration section.

Categories of building practitioner

The Building Regulations 2018 define eight categories of building practitioner:

  1. Building Surveyor
  2. Building Inspector
  3. Quantity Surveyor
  4. Engineer
  5. Draftsperson
  6. Person Responsible for a Building Project
  7. Erector or Supervisor (Temporary Structures)
  8. Builder:
    1. Commercial Builder
    2. Domestic Builder
    3. Demolisher