Demolishers completely or partly dismantle buildings and other structures using pre-planned and controlled methods. Their work often combines the structural demolition of load-bearing elements with the stripping of internal fixtures and fittings, services and non-load-bearing elements.

There are three classes of Demolisher in which you can apply to register:

  • Demolisher (Low rise)
  • Demolisher (Medium rise)
  • Demolisher (Unlimited).


Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience to apply for registration as a building practitioner in demolition work? To learn more, read our guide to registration: What is demolition work?.

Start your application

Forms should be saved to your computer. Open them in Acrobat Reader, type in the requested details (do not handwrite; it will take longer for us to process) and then print and sign. There's a checklist on the first page listing what is needed and outlining the application process.

Please note that the application form was updated on 28 July 2020, and any applications submitted from that date must be on the new form. If you use an old application form, it will delay the progress of your application.

Experience statements and technical referee reports

You must complete and submit both an Experience statement and a Technical referee report for every category you seek to be registered in.

Demolisher (Low rise)

Demolisher (Medium rise)

Demolisher (Unlimited)

If you are in a partnership

There are specific requirements for partnership applications. To find out more go to Partnerships.