Type A Appliance Servicing

What is Type A Appliance Servicing work?

Get to know the regulation

Under Part 5 of the Plumbing Regulations 2018, Type A Appliance Servicing work is the internal cleaning, maintenance and adjusting of a Type A appliance and includes the adjustment, repair or replacement of a component of the Type A appliance.

Typical Type A Appliance Servicing work

Gas appliances can vary in size, operating pressure and complexity. They range from small domestic gas space heaters to large industrial steam boilers or industrial furnaces. Victoria’s Gas Safety Act 1997 defines gas appliances as either Type A or Type B.

Gasfitting work with these two appliance types differs in nature, complexity and risk. For this reason, gasfitters need to be qualified for, and experienced with, the type of appliance on which they are working. Experienced Type A gasfitting plumbers typically service domestic and light commercial gas appliances (such as cookers, space heaters, water heaters and leisure appliances).

What do Type A Appliance Servicing plumbers need to know and do?

Type A gasfitters need critical knowledge and skills to ensure the health and safety of the community.

What does this mean for you?

As a registered practitioner, you must be able to understand and apply the compliance requirements of Type A Appliance Servicing work. These requirements include:

  • AS/NZS 5601.1: Gas Installations.

To undertake Type A Appliance Servicing work to a safe and competent standard, you must also be able to:

  • read a site or building plan and identify gas lines and appropriate locations and clearances for Type A gas appliances
  • read, interpret and apply manufacturer specifications for servicing Type A gas appliances
  • size pipes correctly for different installation jobs
  • identify and calculate ventilation requirements
  • understand the difference between Type A and Type B gas appliances
  • complete a combustion spillage test prior to returning the appliance to service
  • undertake restricted electrical works under an existing Restricted Electrical Worker's Licence.

What competencies and experience do you need?

The VBA publishes a set of units of competency for each class of plumbing work. Each unit of competency describes a work outcome, all the knowledge and skills needed to do the work to the expected standard, and how the knowledge and skills should be assessed.

The VBA uses the units of competency to assess your skills and experience if you apply to register in a class of plumbing work.

To be eligible to register in the Type A Appliance Servicing class, you must:

  • hold registration in the Gasfitting work class
  • hold a Restricted Electrical Worker's Licence
  • have completed CPCPGS4022A Service Type A appliances
  • successfully complete the VBA's examinations of registration competencies for Type A Appliance Servicing work.

Before applying for registration or licensing, please read the current approved units of competency for Type A Appliance Servicing.

Units of competency for Type A Appliance Servicing work


  • Service Type A gas appliances (CPCPGS4022A)


Common units
  • Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business (BSBSMB401A)
  • Carry out work based risk control processes (CPCPCM4011A)
  • Estimate and cost work (CPCPCM4012A)
Class specific
  • Service Type A gas appliances (CPCPGS4022A)

How to apply

See: Apply for registration in a specialised or restricted class


Please visit the website for more information on AS4575.