Surveyor registrations

Building surveyors working in Victoria need to be registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). There are two classes in which you can apply to register:

  • Building surveyor (limited)
  • Building surveyor (unlimited)

What's involved in becoming registered?

The building registration process: Your industry qualifications; Project work evidence; Technical referee report; Police check and declarations; Authorise payment and submit.

To support your application, we require you to undertake a police check. Find out about this process at National police check.

If you provide us with all required information in your application for registration, you can expect a decision about your application to be made within 8 to 12 weeks. If you need to provide us with further information, it will take longer for us to process your application.

Application fees

You need to pay the relevant application fee to lodge your application form. The registration application forms give the fee amount and explain how to pay the fee.

For a full list of fees, please refer to building registration fees.

Submitting your application

You will need to submit your application along with any required forms and documents according to the instructions on the application form.

Every supporting document you supply in your application must be certified as a true copy of an original. Find out who can certify documents (PDF, 213.23 KB).

You must not make any written or oral statement to the VBA in relation to an application for registration (or for the renewal of registration) that you know, or should reasonably know, is false.

What happens if you’re not registered

If you are not registered, you risk prosecution by the VBA and significant financial penalties. Individuals and companies who are found to be unlawfully engaging in regulated building surveying work can be liable for hefty fines, and the VBA can prosecute people who falsely represent to the public that they are registered.


Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience to apply for registration as a building practitioner in building surveyor work? To learn more, see What is building surveyor work?

Start your application

Save and complete the following forms on your computer (do not handwrite; it will take longer to process). The application form includes a checklist on the front page to assist you with the process.

Experience statements and Technical referee reports

You must complete and submit both an Experience statement and a Technical referee report for the category you seek to be registered in.

If you are in a partnership

Each partner of the partnership applying for registration must complete a separate Partner’s Declaration (PDF, 304.76 KB).

Find out What happens after you apply.