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Market Research to understand how the VBA can better support industry

What are we doing and why

The VBA is committed to creating a better building system through the way that it regulates, educates and engages. A system where builders, plumbers, stakeholders, and consumers, receive the support that is needed.

In September 2023, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) engaged Quantum Market Research, a trusted and independent market research agency, to survey building and plumbing practitioners. Quantum Market Research’s work will include designing and conducting surveys, analysing data from these surveys and communicating the results to the VBA.

The VBA has invited practitioners to participate in a 15-minute survey, where it is seeking valuable feedback on the way it supports the needs of the industry.

The survey opens at 9am on the 31st of October and will remain open until midnight on the 3rd of December.

While this survey is voluntary, participants are encouraged to provide open and honest feedback that can help the VBA to refine the way it interacts and engages with industry in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

The VBA engages in a number of initiatives to support practitioners and industry.

The purpose of this survey is to gather insights that will help the VBA refine and improve the way it interacts and engage with industry.

Participation in the research is entirely voluntary and practitioners can unsubscribe from any communication related to the research.

Practitioners will not be paid to participate in this survey. Participation is voluntary.

Quantum Market Research will be emailing practitioners directly and providing a unique access link. This link cannot be used by another person.

If you make a mistake, you can contact Quantum Market Research to request your survey be resent, or to advise of a change to an answer.

You can fill in the survey across multiple sittings if required. Simply click on the same link and it will take you back to where you left off.

A research report will be provided to the VBA, including the data collected through surveys which will include aggregated survey and interview data. What this means is that Quantum will only be providing the VBA with a deidentified data file, which will include your answers in combination with everyone else’s responses, but without any identifying information.  Findings will not be published. Aggregate data will be used to assist the VBA in understanding how it can better support practitioners and industry.

Survey participants will not be contacted directly by the VBA as the research report will not be made publicly available.

You can read VBA’s privacy policy here.

You may raise any concerns or complaints about the VBA’s privacy practices in this research project by contacting the VBA Privacy Office by email.

All personal information will be processed on a secure server which only the Quantum Market Research data team have access to.  Personal information will be held only for as long as is necessary.

Participation in the research is completely anonymous. As such, any information disclosed by a participant will not affect a participant’s application, registration, or licence with the VBA.

Results from the survey will only be reported to the VBA at an aggregated level, meaning no personally identifying information will be disclosed to the VBA.